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Did Peyton Manning use his post-game interview to plug Budweiser?

At the tender age of 39, future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has seen it all. His trophy case is full of accolades and accomplishments, including a second Lombardi trophy that he and the Denver Broncos earned this week. 

Manning is also a successful business man, which is why his comments immediately following the game are a bit suspicious. Following a 24-10 surprise win in the Big Game, MarketWatch reported that CBS's Tracy Wolfson asked the quarterback about his post-game celebrations.

On one of the world's biggest stages, Manning responded that he would kiss his wife and kids and "drink a lot of Budweiser tonight."

Peyton and Budweiser
Following his initial, seemingly casual mention of one of the most recognized brands in America, Manning actually repeated the comment again during the trophy ceremony. According to MarketWatch, each mention of Budweiser was worth north of $1.6 million in advertising, meaning that the parent company, Anheuser-Busch, made away with $3.2 million in free publicity. Budweiser also sent 50 cases of beer to the Broncos post-game celebration.

Some folks, however, aren't convinced that Manning's post-game comments are so innocent, especially considering this isn't his first dust-up with possible product placement. 

Following the 2014 AFC Championship between the Broncos and San Diego Chargers, Manning was asked about the possibility of his retirement. MarketWatch stated that his response was, "What's weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light in my mouth after this win."

Yahoo! stated that NFL players are forbidden from advertising for alcoholic beverages, which makes the possibility of a sanctioned product placement a little dubious. Both the league and Anheuser-Busch have stated that Manning acted on his own.  

Manning is a well-versed, prolific businessman, so his post-game comments may have been more self-serving than anything. According to Yahoo!, he has ownership stake in two Anheuser-Busch distributors in Louisiana. 

Peyton and Papa John's
Before Manning spoke a word about Budweiser, he managed to promote another brand to which he has strong financial ties. In the immediate aftermath of the Bronco's victory, Manning was seen on the sidelines hugging long-time friend John Schnatter, better known as "Papa John."

Manning has been a mainstay in Papa John's commercials since he inked a contract with the pizza chain in 2012, according to Forbes, and the five-time  NFL MVP owns dozens of franchises around the Denver area. Fellow NFL star JJ Watt is also a member of the Papa John's family.

Along with Papa John's, Manning serves as a spokesperson for Gatorade, Nike, Nationwide Insurance, Buick and DirecTV. Forbes stated that his total advertising haul in 2015 was $12 million. This does not include any money he earned from the Papa John's franchises themselves, his Anheuser-Busch ownership deals or any other investments or holdings.  

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