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How to Create a Mini Survey / Survey Rules & Setup

It is a given that product and service improvement are critical to business success. If you do not know customers’ perceptions of your product or service, it is difficult to improve or change things. One way to find out is through a well-focused survey.

There are as many types of surveys as there are reasons to conduct them. Survey questions can be open or closed ended. A thoughtfully designed mini survey using closed ended questions is a quick way to gauge satisfaction, expectations and desires.

The creation of a survey has three main tasks: Establishing goals and objectives, determining the questions and determining the logistics.

Establishing Goals and Objectives
The first respondent in any survey is you: ask yourself what it is you want to know, why you want to know it and what you plan to do with the survey information once you have it:

  • I need this information because?
  • This survey will help decide?
  • I'm prepared to make the following changes as a result of this survey?

Carefully consider and refine your answers — they will provide your survey’s mission statement and give it a clear purpose. Knowing what you want to learn, you will be able to design questions that will serve you well as a focus for action. Survey data that is irrelevant or never acted upon is a waste of resources.

Determining the Questions
Close ended questions typically used in mini surveys are easily answered and provide the highest response rate, typically about twice as much as for open ended questions. Close ended questions are an extremely efficient way to offer a rating scale, multiple choices or present yes/no questions. The answers are easily recorded and analyzed.

Keep Questions Simple – “Make sure your questions are straightforward, avoid bias, leading or hypothetical questions,” advises Oracle Corporation in a Best Survey Practices white paper.

Limit the Number of Questions – It is a mini survey. Make it so. If you have defined your goals and written your questions well, ten or eleven questions will offer up the information you need, and can serve as a basis for later surveys.

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