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Consumer reports: Why customer feedback matters [VIDEO]

Have you bought a product recently that would've been better off in the garbage than for sale? These days, consumers like you have the ability to share product reviews online in real time, right on the sale pages. Customer policing of poorly designed products helps millions of consumers make better educated purchases. Now, retailers think twice about the products they sell.

Opinion Outpost is an excellent outlet for consumers who want to offer feedback on products and ideas. Generally, consumers aren't getting paid for that feedback - whether it's a positive or negative review. At Opinion Outpost, you can review items and ideas in paid online surveys where you'll earn points you can redeem for cash. If you've got a rant or a rave, let Opinion Outpost make it worth your while!

In a brand new live Mini-Poll, we asked the Opinion Outpost community to describe how they value product reviews when shopping online. 444 members have weighed in so far!

40 percent will search the whole web before purchasing a product, while 29 percent will just check the page the item is sold on. Another 29 percent said they sometimes check reviews, but only 2 percent never even bother.

To vote in this Mini-Poll, and to help shape the products and items people use every day, join Opinion Outpost for free using the sign-up box on the right.

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