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Check out these busted online survey myths

Check out these busted online survey myths

For people that have never held an online job before or aren't the most well-versed in new tech, online surveys can seem mysterious, and sometimes curiosity can quickly turn into making accusations and starting rumors. Unfortunately, those rumors can reinforce misconceptions about paid surveys, and that misinformation can rob potential survey takers of valuable opportunities.

The reality is that online surveys are distributed by reputable companies working hand-in-hand with market research firms. Those companies, like Opinion Outpost, are registered businesses themselves, and its in their best interest to provide users with a positive experience to breed greater customer satisfaction.

Nonetheless, myths make their rounds from time to time, so it helps to set the record straight.

Online surveys always ask a lot of questions
This isn't necessarily the truth. It's true that surveys vary in length depending on business goals, but companies don't often ask a high number of questions, and there are three reasons why:

  • Respondents to longer surveys typically leave shorter or incomplete answers
  • Surveys are constructed to avoid redundant questions
  • Questionnaires are crafted so you can complete them in a short amount of time, as this creates a more positive experience and increases the chances you'll participate again.

Online surveys are built to have questions that will provide the most valuable insights for companies. Dozens of low quality questions simply don't get those results.

Online survey sites will steal your identity
This accusation is primarily false, especially for Opinion Outpost. Since it is free to sign up, you won't need to divulge any credit card or debit card details. You will need your name and address during the sign-up process, but only to prove you're a credible resource who can be relied on to contribute data in paid surveys and earn rewards. Important and frequently asked info in surveys will be about demographics, including age, region you live in, gender, occupation and other like details. That information tells companies what types of consumers respond in what ways.

The fringe benefit programs are just a scam
Incentives like Opinion Outpost's $10,000 quarterly prize draw don't always get positive feedback, but they should. Incentive programs are designed to increase participation. That's the main reason you can fill out surveys for money in the first place. Survey designers tie in benefits to get a greater amount of responses and provide more accurate information.

For this reason, you should be looking for online survey opportunities that provide the best incentives. For example, Opinion Outpost has one of the lowest payout thresholds in the online survey industry. That means you only have to answer a few questions to turn your points into rewards or cash. 

Alongside that, Opinion Outpost offers the $10,000 quarterly prize draw while many other paid survey resources simply don't offer those benefits. What's wrong with a little extra opportunity?

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