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Check out these 5 great mobile games

Opinion Outpost members can take paid surveys to make money from home online or redeem gift cards to sites like iTunes*. These can be used to download the hottest music or a favorite movie, but some folks may instead use this extra cash to pay for the best mobile games.

While some may cost a few bucks to download, others are free to play but offer in-game purchases to take things to the next level. For serious gamers, buying extra points or downloadable content for a favorite mobile app is the best way to maximize the experience.

Here are some of the hottest games available for download:

1. Clash of Clans
Though the game has been available since 2012, iTunes reported that Clash of Clans is still among the most popular apps. Players collect resources and build a bustling, well-fortified village. And although creating a neat little town is exciting in its own right, the objective of the game is to build an army and go to war with other online users.

Between dragons, massive knights and the famous "hog-riders," Clash of Clans has a unique cast of characters that you can use in your army. Each comes with a strategic advantage, and part of the challenge is to build the right attacking force.

2. Assassin's Creed Identity
This is the first time the "Assassin's" franchise has dabbled in mobile gaming, and according to Metacritic, the results are spectacular. Set during the Italian Renaissance, users create a customizable assassin and use this character to complete all sorts of missions. This game boasts fantastic graphics and an incredibly detailed plot line. 

3. SimCity BuildIt
A hallmark of PC games for generations, the wizards behind the "SimCity" games have made a mobile app, meaning you can build and govern a shining metropolis while on the go. As the mayor of your very own town, you are in control of everything from setting tax rates and zoning laws to protecting your citizens from tornados or the occasional alien invasion. 

Like Clash of Clans and Assassin's Creed, SimCity BuildIt is free to play but comes with a number of in-game purchasable items.

4. Trivia Crack
Some folks may not be interested in investing time in managing an entire city or completing missions, and with Trivia Crack, users can log-on whenever and immediately jump into a game. With all sorts of categories, you can test your knowledge of movies, pop culture and more. Challenge friends or see how your scores stack up against the global leader board. According to iTunes, there are hundreds of thousands of questions to answer, but users can also create and submit their own.

5. Draw Something
Another great game to play with friends, Draw Something is a sort of mobile twist on Pictionary. The app gives you the name of an item or famous person, and you must create a doodle good enough that your friends can easily guess the right title. Stick figures and creativity are just as useful as artistic vision in this game, meaning anyone can play and be successful.

*iTunes® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion

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