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Catch up with the latest Oscar winners on iTunes

Even if you work from home, there's a good chance that you lead a busy life. Between juggling time with your significant other and taking care of the kids, there's little time available for a trip to the movies. Although you've been a film buff for most of your life, things change when you start a family and launch your career. Though you'd like to keep up with the latest Oscar winners, you simply can't commit the same amount of time you used to back in college.

However, renting them is surely an option. If you're ever interested in taking just a half-hour out of your day to make money at home online, you should strongly consider joining Opinion Outpost. By taking surveys on the website on a regular basis, you can build up points and redeem them for iTunes gift cards.

Though you may not be able to view a Best Picture nominee when it comes out in theaters, you can still rent it online and save yourself from having to sit in a large room for two and a half hours. Considering how much a small popcorn costs nowadays, you might as well wait until the next greatest film is released on iTunes. 

Work it into your routine 
After designing a few advertisements for some of your biggest clients, you deserve to give yourself a lunch break - everybody's got to eat and there's no excuse for starving yourself to death. While you're munching on a tuna fish sandwich or Cobb salad, log onto Opinion Outpost and get paid for online surveys. Taking surveys doesn't necessarily require your full attention, allowing you to passively answer questions. Before you know it, you'll have completed a survey and earned yourself a certain amount of points.

If you don't feel like taking time out of your day, log onto the website when you're unwinding. After the kids are put to bed and your spouse puts on that mindless sitcom he or she loves so much, grab your laptop, head to the living room and take paid online surveys.

Here comes the redemption
After taking surveys for money becomes a natural part of your routine - comparable to something as perfunctory as tying your shoelaces before you walk out the door - you can start redeeming your points for iTunes gift cards and browse through some of the latest and greatest movies. Whether you want to purchase a particular film or buy a 24-hour rental, there's no limit as to what movie you can choose from. If you want to watch this year's Best Picture Winner, rent "12 Years a Slave" and learn of a man's harrowing journey toward freedom. If you're interested in diving into the raucous world of a stockbroker, choose "The Wolf of Wall Street."

As far as the whole process goes, picking a movie might be the most difficult part. There's no better way to make money online from home than on Opinion Outpost.

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