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Can you trust survey sites?

Are survey sites legit?

Making money online can be a little intimidating at first. Nowadays, the average user practices a healthy amount of skepticism before sharing their personal information with any online site, and this is a great exercise. In truth, there are scammers on the Web that dupe unsuspecting people through phishing scams, unrealistic business propositions, identity theft and other ploys.

If you're not a particularly knowledgeable Internet browser, you could fall for one of these tricks and easily become disenchanted with online money-making prospects as a whole, and this can result in some missed opportunities. For example, you may suspect that because there are other suspicious paid online surveys out there that all of these services must be suspicious in nature.

This is a false generalization, and you'll start to notice why if you study two things.

Reputable businesses thrive using surveys
Market research is a big commodity for virtually every business. Knowing the opinions of your clientele gives you the opportunity to cater to your audience more carefully, improve your products and make a higher profit. Therefore, businesses are logically motivated to invest in methods of harnessing this data en masse. 

That's where paid surveys come into play. Big businesses can't distribute surveys to a large enough pool of reliable respondents without offering something in return for your time and effort. Thus, they offer compensation for the data you contribute. If you look at the system from a very basic perspective, survey-takers function much like any other paid worker a company employs; they offer a service that provides value to the organization, and they are paid a certain amount prescribed by this contribution.

Unlike a scam, you are not the consumer in these scenarios. You don't pay to use the service or provide banking information that leaves you susceptible. You simply provide a service that a company is willing to pay for, and you earn rewards based on the amount of work you put in.

Paid surveys are regulated by private and public organizations
Like all other trustworthy businesses, paid survey companies go through a system that protects users from being taken advantage of. For example, there are private organizations like SurveyPolice that aggregate hundreds of user reviews so that you can see exactly what other people using a service have said about the experience.

If you're serious about signing up with a paid survey website, be sure to pore through the reviews to get a decent picture of what other users think of the service they use. These testimonials can be one of the best ways to judge the effectiveness of some sites. However, practice a safe amount of skepticism with these sources, too. Anecdotal evidence may not be the most accurate, but if you see a pattern begin to form with multiple users, take note of it.

This system inevitably separates the reputable paid survey sites from the scams over time and helps users explore their options with an unbiased perspective. This makes paid survey sites just as legit as any other employer or business out there.

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