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Cam Newton wears crazy pants, blows minds

On Jan. 31 Cam Newton and the rest of the Carolina Panthers boarded a flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to San Jose, California, site of the upcoming 2016 Super Bowl. Like his teammates, the quarterback quietly sauntered up the stairway of the Panther's private jet, reported The Washington Post. The whole thing was pretty unremarkable. After all, teams go through this ritual dozens of times each season. However, amid the dullness, onlookers spotted something remarkable: A pair of Versace zebra-print jeans accented with baroque gold trim covered Newton's legs.

Of course, deep-pocketed fans and fashionistas scrambled to purchase a pair. According to USA Today, retailers ran out of the jeans shortly after photographs of Newton hit social media sites. Despite the brief online shopping rush, reviews were not positive.

GQ Style Guy Mark Anthony Green thought the pants were "insane," reported ESPN. 

"I don't think you'll see that in GQ any time soon," he added during an interview with the media company.

According to SB Nation, at least one person defended Newton's clothing choice. Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib expressed admiration for the jeans and deemed them "swaggy" during a brief locker room interview with reporters.

Sports trendsetter
Newton is known for his off-the-field sartorial antics, reported ESPN. He approaches postgame podiums sporting everything from camouflage suits to suede red loafers that would look right at home in Hugh Hefner's shoe caddy. According to style experts, Newton's closet matches his game.    

"Cam's style is a lot like his style of play," Green told ESPN. "I know that seems a little cliché, but it really, really is. It's brash. It's a little peacock-y. It's boastful, especially when he does his very preppy Southern thing as a Southern guy. But for the most part it's pretty good. He wears a suit better than any football player in the league."

Newton's status as the NFL's style guru has netted him major influence outside of football. In 2012, the quarterback modeled for GQ. A year later, he released his own clothing line, reported The New York Times.

Newton contends that few NFL players are recognized for their style. And this, along with his personal interest in clothes, led him to the fashion industry.

"I just read this GQ and they had the top best-dressed athletes, and I'm looking at it and where are the people in the NFL?" he told the newspaper. "You always see LeBron James, and [Dwayne] Wade and Carmelo Anthony, which is cool, but we have some well-dressed guys, too."

Newton has yet to nab a coveted spot on one of the magazine's style lists.

A life of their own
Over the past week, the quarterback's Versace jeans have developed into a stand-alone phenomenon. On Feb. 2, journalist Charlie Rose wore them during a live broadcast of CBS This Morning, reported USA Today. Other Panthers players said the pants even contribute to Newton's on-field performance.

"It is all about being loose and what he chooses to wear is part of it," defensive end Kawann Short said in an interview with USA Today. "He had the foxtail suit earlier in the season. He is just lifting his game in every way, clothes and all. It makes him better." 

Newton agreed. 

"For me I try to find any niche, any edge that I can get that can help me win on Sunday," he told the paper.

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