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Biggest Emmys snubs of the 2014 season

When you earn extra money online by taking paid surveys, it can be fun to watch television and keep up with your favorite shows as a source of entertainment. Once a year, the best of these programs are rewarded with Emmy Awards, ranging from the actors and actresses who achieved in their field to the writers, producers and technical directors who bring a show to life. Announcements for this year's Emmys were made earlier this month, and the media lashed out at judges who "snubbed" what many feel is some of the strongest content being produced today.

Here are the biggest oversights of this year's judgments, as identified by some of today's most powerful critics and online bloggers.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine": Best Comedy Program, Best Actor in a Comedy
While this Lorne Michaels-produced NBC comedy may not be some viewers' cup of tea, fans were surprised the show didn't garner a single nomination between the show's producers, writers or cast. This was after the program won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy in its freshman season, and leading man Andy Samberg took home the prize as Best Actor in a Comedy for playing the show's protagonist, Detective Jake Peralta. Regardless of the show's snub this year, the comedy has plenty of time to regain its momentum in its second season, which begins in September.

"The Good Wife": Best Drama Program
With the final seasons of "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," as well as the latest seasons of "Homeland" and "House of Cards" as competition, getting into the running as a Best Drama contender was near impossible this year. According to a piece from Entertainment Weekly, this CBS program ran a relatively aggressive nomination campaign that expanded on its significant challenges in comparison to many other popular shows in the genre. Unlike "Mad Men,"  which had a final season that included seven episodes, and "Breaking Bad," which included eight, CBS dictated that "The Good Wife" churns out a full 22 episodes. Still, the Television Academy seemed unimpressed. 

Jay Leno, Best Television Personality
After being sacked by NBC for the second time, this was the last official season that Leno would have been eligible for a nomination after a much-younger Jimmy Fallon succeeded his throne on "The Tonight Show," according to Deadline's Lisa De Moraes. As if to add insult to injury, Fallon was nominated in his first full season as the show's host, following his number of years airing after Leno's show and performing on "Saturday Night Live" on the same network. Leno's career seems somewhat unclear for the future, but hopefully he will manage to overcome and receive a nod for a different show in the years to come.

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