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Be your own boss

Be your own boss

If you've always been the type of person who simply can't stand authority, working from home might be a viable option for you. Thanks to the Internet, it's not that difficult for someone to start an online business, sell collectibles or partake in day trading. While you're taking a break from building the next big music-sharing website, there's still a way you can make some extra cash by visiting Opinion Outpost and taking a survey for money. 

Sticking it to "The Man" 
While one of Jack Black's characters rebelled against the system by duping a bunch of 11-year-olds into playing in his band, there's a more profitable way to tell "The Man" what's really on your mind. This ominous authoritative figure could be anyone or anything. From a corporation looking to develop the next big product to a politician interested in launching a campaign, "The Man" wants your opinion. Of course, one could make the argument that they'll simply use your answers to their advantage, but taking an online survey for cash can help you leverage your perspective. 

Ultimately, the decisions made by C-suite executives and legislators on Capitol Hill are dictated by how the public expresses its voice. If leaders of a fast food chain restaurant deduce that the majority of consumers want a fish and egg sandwich on a croissant, then by Jove they're going to do everything in their power to make that a reality. By participating in an online survey, you're no longer a powerless member of society subjected to the marketing efforts of a corporation. 

Your time, your money 
One could either make a daily routine out of taking surveys for money, or simply assign a certain amount of time out of the week to do so. It's not like signing up for an account with Opinion Outpost means that you're going to be harassed by a constant flow of emails - you can participate whenever it's most convenient for you. The website recognizes the fact that professionals who work from home are just as busy as those commuting to an office or jobsite five days a week. 

If you're a person who needs all the time you possess to make money, then taking an online survey that pays you isn't a waste. For example, say you're an independent Web designer. Spending what seems like countless hours staring at code can make your head feel like a hundred pounds. At the same time, you have to bring home the bacon. Taking a break would mean that you would have to take time away from making money, but not if you fire off a few quick surveys for Opinion Outpost. 

Thankfully, Opinion Outpost not only offers surveys for cash, but provides participants with the chance to win $10,000 at the end of every business quarter. That's a lot of cash to put away for emergency expenses. There's also the option of obtaining cash through a PayPal account, which can be used to purchase goods online. 

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Nobody's voice is as powerful as yours. As a consumer, you are uniquely positioned to share your perspective with businesses, telling them what you expect in order for them to receive your money in a transaction. So, why not make money online by taking surveys that provide information to your favorite company?