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Be a better consumer and make money online [VIDEO]

How often do you see an ad and think to yourself, "What kind of person would make such a product?" Do you share this feedback on social media or a review site like Yelp or YP? If so, you're helping to prevent people from making poor purchasing decisions, and you should be proud of yourself.

But what about those people who don't see your feedback, and are spending money on bad goods and services? The only way to help them is to prevent such ideas from ever coming to fruition. Hundreds of thousands of people have turned to Opinion Outpost to do just that.

Members of Opinion Outpost take paid surveys online about consumer and business topics. Often, these surveys are about products or issues they encounter daily. Industry decision makers can rely on this market research when coming up with concepts, pricing, and marketing plans.

Joining Opinion Outpost is free, and members can earn cash or gift cards for participating. In a recent Mini-Poll, we asked 1,725 members how often they see an idea or product that they think is just plain senseless. 52% of those who responded answered often or very often while 37% answered somewhat often. 11% never feel this way, which surprised us!

If you're ready to share your opinion to improve the quality of products or ideas around you then take a few minutes to join Opinion Outpost. Use the sign-up form to the right to get started!

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Nobody's voice is as powerful as yours. As a consumer, you are uniquely positioned to share your perspective with businesses, telling them what you expect in order for them to receive your money in a transaction. So, why not make money online by taking surveys that provide information to your favorite company?