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Are survey sites worth it? 4 tips to make more money with paid surveys

As with any paying job, there are ways you can strategize to make more money quicker using surveys online for money. One of the biggest draws to taking online surveys is the low amount of training and experience you need to fill out questionnaires. However, if you want to increase your earnings and work more efficiently, there are a few tips you should use, too.

1. Stay away from survey scams
First and foremost, you want to devote your time to a reliable survey site. Luckily, there are numerous tools you can use to identify if a service is a scam beforehand. You can check consumer reviews, look for a company's specific privacy policy page or even refer to the Better Business Bureau. Remember that this step is crucial to earning the amount promised to you.

2. Be honest while answering questions
It may seem like a good idea to lie when registering to get access to more surveys, but changing your demographic information as you please leads to a number of drawbacks. For one, the questions you receive may not pertain to your lifestyle. If you say that you're a 65-year-old woman, but you're actually a 22-year-old man, many of the questions may not apply to you. This can make the questions hard to answer and confusing.

Moreover, survey companies keep track of fraudulent information, according to Survey Cash Guide. That means if you provide too many suspicious answers and personal info - for instance if your age and gender constantly change - a survey company may get suspicious and stop sending questionnaires to you. 

Ultimately, sticking with what you know and answering questions honestly can result in completing surveys quicker. 

3. Practice makes perfect
While being honest, you'll also prepare yourself for similar questions down the line. Different surveys are created and distributed by different companies. Some ask questions that are very much alike, and bubbling in these answers can become a matter of muscle memory if you stick with it. Remember, completing a survey may take a lot of time to begin with, but as you get used to the workflow and the questions, you may find you're able to fill out the answers much quicker than when you just started out.

4. Get organized
Being efficient means getting all your ducks in a row, and the best way to do that with paid surveys is to register with a particular email. Companies across the globe require employees to set up a work email for efficiency's sake. Your work as a survey-taker is no different. Create an email you'll use specifically for the site and create filters to organize all of your materials. Not only will this separate your survey requests from your personal affairs to avoid confusion, but it will allow you to micromanage your survey invites and focus on particular requests in your inbox.

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