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American Colleges with Largest Endowments

American colleges with largest endowments

Being a college student at any level in America is no joke - this generation is largely characterized by the massive debts individuals are incurring in the interest of being seen as marketable employees by today's hiring managers. Many who are currently enrolled or even years out of university have begun to seek alternative sources of income, including embracing their ability to make money at home online by taking paid surveys and acquiring second jobs to supplement their passion.

With more than 50 percent of the country's endowments, the top 22 higher education schools in America only retain five percent of students. To learn a little more about what's putting pressure on students financially and the source that's consuming a fair amount of their debts and money from paid surveys, let's take a look at the colleges with the biggest endowments in the country.

1) Harvard University
The first school on the list is no surprise - Harvard University, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has long been considered one of the most impressive and high-ranked institutions in the country. According to a recent report from Forbes contributors Richard Vedder and Christopher Denhart, this Ivy League staple receives an annual endowment of $32.3 billion, with a total of about 28,000 students between the undergraduate and graduate schools. By these numbers, the university spends about $60,000 per student, eight times more than the average institution of higher education, according to the report.

2) Yale University
This Connecticut-based Ivy League has always played second fiddle to Harvard when it comes to getting an excellent education in New England, and this is consistent with it endowment. Yale University receives $20.8 billion annually, though it should be noted that it holds significantly fewer students, adding up to nearly 12,000 total with undergrads and grads included. Like other Ivies, the school boasts a roster of proud, wealthy alumni who rarely hesitate to give to their alma mater.

3) University of Texas system
Though this listing may seem a little out of place in the midst of the Ivies (Stanford University in California comes in at fourth, closely followed by Princeton and M.I.T.), the University of Texas system spans 15 schools and about 142,000 students total, according to The Deseret News, and has a fabulous reputation. The system's extremely diverse courses of study range from science to the arts, and it houses many in-state students while attracting plenty from different areas of the country.

However, Forbes writers Vedder and Denhart defended the publication's ranking of American colleges, though many top-endowed schools appeared at the top of their list.

"Wealthier schools can and do use their resources to improve their rankings. It is no accident that the top five research universities (as opposed to liberal arts colleges) on the FORBES 2014 Top Colleges list – Stanford, Princeton, M.I.T., Yale and Harvard – had five of the six largest endowments in the U.S," the source stated.

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