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After one year, Americans unimpressed with Apple Watch, says survey

After one year, Americans unimpressed with Apple Watch, says survey

When Apple first launched its smart watch in April 2015, the research group Fluent found that many folks around the U.S. weren't very impressed with the new gadget. According to a more recent survey, a year of sales and advertising has done little to improve the public's opinion of the Apple Watch.

Newsweek reported that less than half of Americans believe the device has been a success. Even with a recent price reduction, enthusiasm for the Apple Watch is tepid at best. Among people who do own one of these smart watches, however, there is a much more cheerful attitude.

Impressive style
As the Apple Watch celebrated its first full year of sales, Fluent once again polled American adults about how they felt. About 47 percent of the 2,500 individuals polled stated that they believed the device has been successful. Newsweek stated that Apple has been very protective of sales reports for the smart watch, and for that reason, it is difficult to really nail down whether or not the device has in fact had a fruitful first year of life. 

The smart watch pairs with a person's iPhone and can display things like texts and emails on a small touch screen. When it was first launched, Apple CEO Tim Cook emphasized that the device was so powerful because of its many built-in fitness tracking tools and easy-to-use interface. Similarly, Cook boasted that the many different designs and styles made the gadget unique in the smart watch world. According to the survey, individuals who do not currently own an Apple Watch identified the variety of apps as its most alluring aspect. 

Cognitive dissidence?
The survey also revealed interesting opinions among folks who do own an Apple Watch. In that group, 77 percent of people stated that they believe the device has been successful in its first year of life. Another 62 percent revealed they planned to upgrade to the latest version whenever it is released.

This group also found that the convenience the watch offers trumped style as the most important benefit. Another 22 percent of non-owners identified as a driving factor for potentially buying an Apple Watch.

For Apple Watch owners, the ability to track fitness, listen to music or quickly check an email or text were all very important features. Apple Pay, a means of making mobile payments, was another big reason owners feel that the device has been successful.

Jordan Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at Fluent, weighed in on the survey, telling Newsweek:

"The Apple Watch certainly isn't perfect, and may not have lived up to the incredible amount of media hype surrounding it when it first was brought to market, but the consumer adoption is there, and opportunity abounds for the future of the wearables category." 

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