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9 hacks to make spring cleaning easier and cheaper

9 hacks to make spring cleaning easier and cheaper

Spring cleaning can be a real drag, but after a long winter of procrastinating, dedicating one afternoon to organizing your home and taking care of old messes is a great way to compensate for your inactivity. Happily, there are a number of quick solutions for common chores that can make things run more smoothly and lower the costs associated with spring cleaning.

1. Use cola to clean the toilet.
Viral Nova found that an old bottle of cola you may have in the fridge can be a great substitute for a traditional - and often more expensive - cleaning solution. 

2. Scrub pots and pans with a bit of salt.
Another great way to save on costly cleaning supplies is to toss a little bit of salt into a cast-iron skillet to remove grime. With a little bit of elbow grease and a sponge or scouring pad, the salt should help loosen anything still hanging on to any pots or pans.

3. Microwave your sponge.
A good sponge may be on the frontline of your spring cleaning effort, and Mental Floss reported that a trip to the microwave is enough to disinfect your little helper. If you just used a sponge to clean the bathroom, give it a quick zap before taking on the dishes. 

4. Find a spot for winter clothes.
Part of a good spring cleaning is getting organized, and straightening up a closet or dresser by removing your winter clothes is a great place to start. Store them in an attic or basement, or vacuum-seal them if you are short on space.

5. Wipe the floor by dancing.
Pop off your shoes and socks and turn on some jams. Forgo the usual mop and use your feet to clean the floor with a wet towel or cleaning wipes. It may feel silly, but this is an easy way to make spring cleaning a little more fun. If you're employing young children to help you out, this can be a means of getting them more excited.

6. Use old fruit to make an air freshener.
Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can be used to make a simple air freshener. Take the peels and combine them with a little bit of water. Other items like cinnamon, rosemary or vinegar can also be added for an extra punch.

7. Empty the fridge and make a soup or stew.
Untouched leftovers need not go to waste. Toss these items together in a slow cooker or dutch oven and let them stew for a few hours while you clean the rest of your house.

8. Bust out the vinegar.
A little bit of vinegar can be used to clean everything from windows and shower heads to microwaves and dishwashers. Make a quick solution with water and watch grime and debris disappear.

9. Take paid surveys online
Make extra money to pay for any cleaning supplies by taking a few paid surveys online. Even with these hacks, you may need a quick trip to the store, and Opinion Outpost members can easily cover any additional costs.

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