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6 truly bizarre things you can find on Amazon

There's a small but noteworthy market for strange products online. You may find it odd that there are actually people out there buying these things, but it may be even weirder that there are people who earn money online selling these items. 

Nonetheless, if you're looking to spend some of your earnings from paid online surveys on some of the wackiest buys out there, take a look at these.

1. 1,500 live ladybugs
There's a facility somewhere that stockpiles thousands - if not millions - of these tiny bugs for the buyers on Amazon. While it seems odd at first, lady bugs are actually quite beneficial for the average farmer. For anyone the doesn't have a garden, it's a little weird.

2. Canned unicorn meat
All right, this is clearly a gag gift, albeit a strange one. According to ThinkGeek the can contains a stuffed unicorn - not USDA approved. Here are just a few of the outlandish things you can find out from the packaging and labels. Also, don't eat this.

  • It's an "excellent source of sparkles."
  • It's a product of Ireland, specifically a producer dubbed Radiant Farms.
  • There is an ominous warning label on the side.
  • It has "magic in every bite" - again, don't eat this.

3. Uranium Ore
Strange for anyone that isn't a mad scientist - yes, you can buy radioactive uranium through Amazon. Just in case anyone is wondering if this is legal, the Amazon description reads, "We are always in compliance with Section 13 from part 40 of the NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules and regulations and Postal Service regulations. Supposedly, naturally occurring radioactive material is useful for testing Geiger counters. For everyone else, it's an odd novelty.

4. A 5-pound bag of gummy bears
Don't even think about it. What are you going to do with 5 pounds of gummy candy? Conventional wisdom says eat it, but don't underestimate how huge a 5 pound bag is. Save this one for candy-shop owners and households with 20 or more kids.

5. Emergency inflatable rubber chicken
For those special kind of emergencies that require a plucked poultry balloon, there's the emergency inflatable rubber chicken. Any kind of rubber chicken is downright unnecessary, so naturally the wholesale gift providers at Accountrements decided to make a special one you could carry around with you at all times that could be sold on Amazon. What's strange about that?

6. Steering wheel work surface tray
For those boring drives on the highway, there's finally an ergonomic work surface solution that attaches right to your steering wheel to hold your laptop, tablet or whatever else! In all seriousness, this one may sound like a road hazard, but it's implied that it's not meant to be used during travel. According to the description, it only attaches correctly when the steering wheel is upside down, so that should keep drivers from flying down the highway while surfing the Web on a laptop, right?

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