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5 work-from-home jobs you should consider

For a few old school workers, telecommuting may seem like a dream that's too good to be true. However, working from home has become a reality for thousands of people across the country, and you don't have to be starting your own business to do it. Big companies like Colgate and H&R Block are hiring part- and full-time workers, and they're not the only ones, according to Forbes.

However,  the trouble may be finding the right job. The Internet can be a tricky place to find reliable employment options, but many people are discovering easier ways of finding solid job prospects.

"The great news is remote work options are - and have been - on the upswing within companies," Sara Sutton Fell, FlexJobs founder and CEO, told Forbes. "But the bad news is that it is still really difficult for most job-seekers to find these legitimate job opportunities amidst the scam, junk, and ads mixed in on most job boards out there." 

Finding a surefire opportunity to earn money at home isn't impossible. Here are 5 jobs with telecommuting options.

1. Medical transcriptionist
Health care is one top industries offering work-from-home opportunities, according to Forbes, and medical transcriptionists are just a few professionals with a variety of opportunities. These workers listen to recordings of doctors and type up notes. The work can sometimes be strenuous, and prior training in health care is often a prerequisite for this job, Bankrate noted.

2. Virtual assistant 
When some companies don't have enough work to justifiably hire an in-person employee, they look for virtual assistants to fill the gaps. They may be charged with filing documents, creating spreadsheets, organizing schedules and more, and the amount of training they need varies.

3. Web designer
If you're really good with computers and Web development, telecommuting may be the perfect thing for you. These professionals work on small- and large-business websites, offering custom design options, coding updates and feedback about the current user interface. These tech savvy workers are in particularly high demand, according to Bankrate. However, it's worth noting that significant training and education in web development, coding and computer science is often necessary.

4. Writers and editors
Believe it or not, there are businesses willing to hire professionals specifically to write an online blog. Companies throughout the country are eagerly trying to expand their online reputations and produce content through a blog on a daily basis. Many hire writers to do this from home.

5. Paid survey users
And while some companies are expanding online, others are trying to gather market research about their current products and improve their services. That's where paid online surveys come into play. These businesses are willing to pay for your opinions so that they can use the data to influence future business prospects. All you have to do is find a service that collects these surveys and distributes them to you.

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