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5 things you can buy after winning $10,000

5 things you can buy after winning $10,000

People don't just take online surveys for the money they get for each completed questionnaire. There's a bigger prize you could receive for the work. 

Every time you start a survey, you're entered into Opinion Outpost's quarterly $10,000 raffle. For every new survey you begin, your chances of taking home that big payout increase. That's a lot of money for bills, groceries and more. Instead of thinking about it as cash in hand, think of it in terms of what you could buy. Check out these five examples.

1. Over nine months of rent
After a $10,000 win, you won't have to worry about paying for the apartment for a good nine months. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that the average price of rent nationwide was $1,083 based off of studies by real-estate firm Reis Inc. After a raffle win, you'll be good to go on rent payments for three-quarters of the year.

2. A 5-month round-the-world vacation
If you're ever wanted to travel the globe to see the wonders of the world, a $10,000 win could be your ticket. According to some calculations by AirTreks International, air fare, accommodations and other budget needs come out to around $2,000 per month, and that's if you want to live comfortably.You could extend the trip - or the places you visit - with some careful budgeting.

3. A reliable used car
You may not able to purchase a new car for $10,000, but you can get a great used vehicle. CNBC reported that new cars and trucks today tend to carry a price tag around $32,000. At the same time, Cars.com reported that you can find plenty of great $10,000 used cars. Winning that raffle could mean a new set of wheels in the driveway.

4. About 3,650 gallons of gas
Of course, that car is going to have to get from point A to point B somehow. If you already have a vehicle, you could use the raffle winnings specifically for gas money. According to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report, $10,000 is enough for around 3,650 gallons of gas. That's enough for at least 10 gallons of gas per day for the entire year, not that you'll need that much every day.

5. One gold edition Apple Watch
Then again, what's $10,000 in winnings if you don't use it for something flashy and high class? The gold edition Apple Watch is one of the latest big ticket gadgets released by the tech giant, and it's just as glitzy as it sounds. It's a mix between a super computer and a brick of gold, which is more than other hugely expensive pieces of jewelry can say. You could get one of the regular versions for one-twentieth of the price, what's the point of a wristwatch if it is glazed in gold and can't get sync up with a WiFi signal?

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