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5 things that can ruin any budget

In an online survey, Gallup found that just 1 in 3 Americans go through the process of writing out a budget each month. This practice can be important for making sure your finances are in good shape and that you are meeting any savings goals. 

Taking paid surveys is a great way to make money from home online, which is important, because even the most well-balanced budget can face uncertainties. Here are a few things that may pop up and make a mess of your financial plans.

1. Parking or speeding tickets
You may have your budget planned out to the nearest dollar, but an innocuous run-in with the law can mess up even the most balanced books. This may be because you were in a rush to get to work, or even just didn't make it back to the meter on time.

A slip-up like this could cost anywhere from a few dozen to few hundred dollars. Some folks may be able to absorb this kind of unforeseen financial set-back, but odds are most people will be frustrated and angry at the sight of an unwanted ticket. 

2. Car repairs
As Moneytalk News reported, issues with your car can be another opportunity for major financial strife. Even small accidents can lead to expensive repairs. At the same time, regular up-keep like swapping out a faulty headlight or getting an oil change may be overlooked when constructing a monthly budget. 

3. A night out
Not every weekend excursion needs to be an expensive one, but Bustle stated that friends and roommates can often be the source of mismanaged money. You may have planned out your weekend and set a spending limit, but it only takes one especially convincing friend to throw all of that away.

From there, restaurants and bars can quickly become a costly affair, threatening to tear down your otherwise well-constructed budget. When setting up your monthly finances, consider setting aside money specifically for this purpose to avoid any issues.

4. A trip to the doctor's office
It doesn't take a visit to the hospital to run a hefty bill, even for anyone with health insurance. Between co-pays, medications and the possibility of specialty appointments, falling ill or developing a health condition can be a problem.

Unfortunately, these sorts of expenses are likely harder to eliminate than your inflated bar tab. Setting aside even a modest savings account is essential for keeping yourself healthy without jeopardizing your finances.

5. Your utility bills
Unless you've lived in the same house for many years, properly predicting the cost of your monthly utilities can be very tricky. Unseasonable weather may force you to run your A/C or heater more than you would like, which will lead to a higher than average bill.

For anyone living with roommates, this problem can be even trickier to solve. Accounting for everyone's water, electricity and gas use on a monthly basis may be next to impossible. For that reason, it may be helpful to over-budget for utilities just in case.

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