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5 terrible products that needed a survey

5 terrible products that needed a survey

You can find millions of products on the Internet, and that's not always a good thing. For every affordable item and handy tool you can find on Amazon, there are some other less beneficial products you can find close by. 

These goods could have used a product survey before being released onto the free market. Some don't work and some don't even have a purpose for working. Using paid surveys, your opinion could have stopped these terrible things from ever being sold, but now they're here in all their horrendous glory.

Don't redeem those Opinion Outpost points to buy these products any time soon.

1. Toy-Go-Round Cat Exercise Wheel 
If you've ever had a hamster as a pet, you've probably seen the little exercise wheel they use to run and exercise inside a cage. Now you can bring that same concept to your cat with this super-sized wheel. It comes with two guarantees: Your cat probably won't ever use it, and it will take up an unnecessary amount of space in your home. Fortunately you can buy it for just a few hundred dollars.

2. Ex Eraser Home Tattoo Removal Kit 
You may have heard that tattoo removal is a painful process that requires a powerful laser. Instead of having a qualified professional laser things off of your skin, why not do it yourself over a grueling series of months? The $50 Ex Eraser home tattoo removal kit helps you do that. Just hold the harsh light to your skin until you feel the "intense snap burn sensation" described in the important information section of the product description.

3. Five $2 bills for $25
Who needs five- and 10-dollar bills? Forget Abe and Hamilton and put some Thomas Jefferson into your wallet. For just $25, you can purchase five $2 bills, giving you an easy net gain of -$15. Don't worry, shipping is free. What better way to confuse cashiers than with an antiquated and rarely seen piece of genuine U.S. legal tender.

In a pinch, you can find $2 bills at most banks.

4. LitterMaid LME9000 Elite Mega Advanced Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box 
Sure, the other products may be bad investments, hard to use, or slightly dangerous, but are they the worst reviewed? Introducing the LitterMaid LME9000 Elite Mega Advanced Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box - one of the greatest recipient of one-star ratings on Amazon and a mechanical nightmare for cat owners everywhere. Most of the ratings tell the story of how the device simply doesn't work, and many reviewers regret that there is no zero-star rating.

5. Sim City: Limited Edition 
Gamers everywhere will note there's another product that crushes the self-cleaning litter box in amount of one-star ratings. Sim City: Limited Edition received 4,101 reviews and 81 percent of those are one-star ratings. If you want another computer-induced headache, look no further! This game puts the confusing and complex nature of city infrastructure and management into a poorly constructed virtual space filled with design bugs. Migraines come free of charge.

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