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5 eye-popping facts about 'House of Cards'

The Netflix series "House of Cards" recently debuted its fourth season, with Kevin Spacey returning as President Frank Underwood.  The series is one of the most successful online programs ever, and odds are many folks around the country hunkered down for a good old fashioned binge-watching session to catch all of the action.

Because the series streams exclusively on Netflix, anyone without a subscription may not be able to keep up with the latest TV shows or movies. Taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost is a great way to make money from home online before the next big premier. For anyone who has caught up, here are a few facts that you may not have known about "House of Cards".

1. Netflix users love it
Not only is "House of Cards" one of the most prominent shows Netflix has to offer, but it may be the reason many users sign up in the first place. According to Variety, within the first 30 days of the release of the third season, 6.5 percent of all Netflix accounts accessed the show, many of which were new subscriptions. Of those folks watching "House of Cards", nearly half watched at least three episodes in one day.

2. It's the first Emmy-winning online series
Mental Floss reported that in 2013, the program was awarded not one, but three Emmys, making it the first show to win such an award without airing on regular TV or cable.  It won for Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Cinematography and Outstanding Casting. Since then, it has been nominated for numerous other awards.

3. Netflix outbid the big dogs
The show was originally developed without a commitment from any network, but it soon caught the eye of major players in the television industry. Mental Floss stated that both AMC and HBO were among the program's many suitors. Netflix was able to land the contract by taking a chance on the show. Unlike the TV networks, the online streaming service committed to shooting the seasons right away. No other player in the negotiations was willing to roll the dice.

4. 'House of Cards' changed TV
Netflix had only ever aired one original program prior to "House of Cards", and the hit show was the first to have an entire season released all at once. According to Mental Floss, Kevin Spacey - who is an executive producer as well as the series's lead - stated at a 2012 communication convention that he believed the show was going to be a hit.

"This is a really new perspective … to drop them all at once, but I think that's how we watch TV now," the actor said.

5. It isn't necessarily original
Although "House of Cards" may have fundamentally changed television, the show itself is actually a remake of a British mini-series from the 1990s. In fact, in the first episode, Underwood lifted a line from the old program, saying "Now you might very well think that, but of course, I couldn't possibly comment." 

This piece of dialogue appeared in the original series, and became one of the most popular lines from the American version when it first became popular.

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