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4 workplace struggles 'Office Space' was completely right about

The 1999 cult classic "Office Space" has been considered a wildly comical portrayal of the modern working world by a lot of critics, but it also has some surprisingly accurate truths in it as well. For many, "Office Space" took the common gripes of the American workforce and tastefully wove them together into a brilliantly witty satire that still rings true for plenty of workers today. 

Here are just a few examples.

1. The micromanaging boss
"Aahh, now, are you going to go ahead and have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?" Maybe your manager doesn't check in with you before the weekend with the sadistic regularity of Bill Lumbergh, but most workers are all too familiar with the near-tyrannical rule of a boss that micromanages for a living. Hopefully you're not asked if you can work through the weekend on a regular basis.

2. You're more productive outside of work

You might not deal with the same sort of monotonous labor the "Office Space" protagonist Peter Gibbons is charged with, but many people know how hard it can be to focus in an oppressive cubicle on a daily basis. Gibbons has to rewrite software for the impending Y2K changeover - a relatively pointless task fueled by "millennium bug" fears at the turn of the century. Overall, he tells some outside consultants that he does maybe "15 minutes of real, actual work" over the course of a week, and even that is enough to bore him to tears.

On the other hand, when he finally has the chance to work on something else - whether that means designing a code to scam his company or work at a construction site - he finally becomes productive.

3. You hate Monday with a passion
Nothing is worse than going from a relaxing lazy Sunday to the same old work week starting on Monday. It's the feeling that made ""Uh-oh; sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays!" one of the movie's most quoted lines. When you can't decide your work schedule yourself, you're bound to end up disliking a certain day more than any other. For most of the working world, that day is Monday.

4. You're tired of pointless rules
Most workplaces have one or two rules that just aren't necessary. In "Office Space" those rules are plentiful and headache-inducing. From meetings about cover sheets on TPS reports to restaurant managers demanding more "flair," it's clear the fictional characters have no sense of what is important and what isn't. Sadly, that's a theme that workers across the country run into from time to time.

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