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4 times you wished you were taking free online surveys

Don't you hate those days when you have so much free time that you're bored but not enough free time to go out and do something? It's a nightmare for anyone on the impatient side, but it's even worse for people that like to stay productive. 

Those periods of time are inevitable, but you don't have to wallow in boredom. As long as your smartphone gets a signal, you can jump on the Web to do a few paid surveys while you wait. If you're ever caught in one of these four situations, look no further than Opinion Outpost to help pass the time and earn some money while you're at it.

1. The doctor's office
What's the worst room in your health care facility? You might think it's the operating room, but is that really worse than the waiting room? Stuck in purgatory for an unknown amount of time, watching the seconds slowly tick away on the clock - the waiting room is absolutely agonizing when you're cooped up there for longer than five minutes. And seeing your doctor in just five minutes may be about as unlikely as winning the lottery.

A few online surveys may help pass the time quicker.

2. Rainy days
A downpour can be just as bad as the doctor's office if it keeps you indoors with nothing to do. Sure, it may be high time to play a few board games or clean around the house, but how long can you really spend dusting and playing checkers? Also, why do chores when you can use that free time to make a profit? As long as a storm doesn't shut the power off or knock out your cable, you can still boot the computer up and answer some questionnaires.

3. Sick days
No one likes being bedridden. A sick day often means sacrificing a pay day and being too weak to do anything fun - that is, unless you're taking surveys online. Provided you're not too under the weather, you can probably still use your tablet or laptop from bed. No matter what job you have, taking a sick day and a few online surveys means you'll be getting paid with rewards or cash. Heat up that chicken noodle soup, grab a warm blanket and cozy up while you share your opinions.

4. Lunch break
Then again, even when you're back at work, you can use your break time to your advantage. While you're out to lunch or even if you're eating at your desk, you can log in to take some paid surveys. It might just be the easiest way to earn even more money while you're working for a paycheck, too. If you have a full hour, you may have time for several surveys and a noteworthy amount of extra money. Stretch that out over your lunch breaks for a five-day work week, and you could be making a sizable amount in no time.

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