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4 reasons you should use paid surveys as a student

Being a full-time student is a tough job. Projects, deadlines, homework, student organizations, internships, work study and more all serve to jam every minute of your schedule with important activities that could make a difference in your professional life further down the road. Moreover, what little free time you do have often goes to either studying or unwinding so you can recharge before another long day of academic tasks.

For many students, none of these duties put money in your pocket, though. Getting through college or graduate school often means tight purse strings and a frugal lifestyle. It doesn't have to be all that bad, though. You can regain a little comfort using paid surveys, and here are four reasons why that online method of earning money is a good idea.

1. You're never forced to sacrifice your time
If you agree to a part-time job, normally one of two things happens. Either you'll detract from the learning opportunities you could have taken advantage of by spending your time waiting tables or working in retail, or you'll frustrate your employer by taking too few hours and too much time off doing projects and other activities. Such is life when you're fixed into a rigid work schedule.

That's not how taking surveys for money works, however. When you're answering questions for cash, you decide what hours to work. You're never forced into a schedule, and you can work at any time you desire. Fill out a few surveys in the morning while you get ready or right before bed and stop whenever you choose. You're completely free to decide what to do with your time.

2. No more ramen noodles!
Too many students see those dwindling dollars in the bank account and opt for a lackluster diet to save cash. No one should live off of ramen noodles for an extended period of time. Luckily, filling out a few surveys can put some dollars in your pocket, which can make buying some other quality foods more reasonable. 

3. No customer service
While not every part-time job requires you to deal with customers face-to-face, a notable portion of them do. Thousands of students work as waiters and waitresses, others work a register, more valet cars or punch in at a retail outlet. This isn't the end of the world for everyone, but it's not the most desirable position for people that don't like customer service. 

When you fill out surveys for money, you don't have to serve any clients, and you'll never hear anyone ask, "isn't the customer always right?"

4. Get awards for school supplies and more
Handling your expenses in college is a tricky task. Books cost an arm and a leg, notepads and binders need to be bought regularly and some classes even require expensive electronics. Luckily, could earn reward points for online marketplaces while doing online surveys. Use these points to subsidize book payments or the cost of school supplies. You may even be able to fund the majority of your book and supply expenses using some paid surveys.

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