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4 reasons reasons to start working from home

If you had the option to get up early to commute for an extended period of time in rush hour traffic to an office building or sleep in for a little longer and work from home, which would you choose?

It's easy to see why working from home can be so tantalizing, but there are actually a few more serious, business-minded aspects that make the practice so beneficial. If you're an employee that can work remotely from the comfort of your home, here's a few reasons why you shouldn't squander the opportunity.

1. You'll be more productive
Harvard Business Review reported that Chinese travel website Ctrip studied the effects of working from home by splitting its employees from the call center into two groups for nine months. The first group would be allowed to telecommute from home while the second group acted as a control and remained in the office. First and foremost, the study showed that employees working from home actually completed roughly 14 percent more calls, meaning that Ctrip gained about an extra day of work out of workers over the course of a week.

Not only is this good for a business in general, but it's also good for you because you'll ultimately get more done and may attract attention as a hardworking employee.

2. Become happier 
Not only that, the Ctrip experiment also showed that workers who stayed at home generally reported being happier and were less likely to quit than their counterparts. That isn't a shocking surprise. Working from home allows for greater employee freedom and can easily boost the amount of time you have by making your commute unnecessary.

3. Take control
Working from home can make you more productive because it allows you to control your environment to a certain degree. Whereas you might run into a distracting coworker or an insistent micromanaging boss on a frequent basis in the office, your run-ins with these individuals is almost guaranteed to shrink while you're at home.

Moreover, you can control other qualities of the workplace, too. Instead of working at a desk all day, you can enjoy the luxury of working outside or from a couch. Also, if you find you can't focus on your tasks, you don't have to stay at home. Any location with WiFi, like a local library or a cafe, can likely support your work needs. 

4. It's family-friendly
At the end of the day, you may be another parent who has a lot of other responsibilities to juggle. Working from home allows you to watch your child with relative ease, or at the very least, allows you to spend additional time with them instead of leaving for the majority of the day. While many individuals can't afford babysitters, working from home gives you the option to earn money without hiring help.

Not every company allows its employees to work from home, but you can still find jobs online that let you do just that. Paid online surveys are one of the few reliable options you can use to stay at home and earn a little money at the same time.

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