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4 former celebrities that are likely taking online surveys for money

4 former celebrities that are likely taking online surveys for money

When you're signing multimillion-dollar movie deals and selling concert tickets by the boatload, there isn't much reason to take up filling out paid surveys as a hobby. You're already rolling in cash. Why capitalize on free products and easy money when you can snap your fingers and get just about anything you want?

When those earnings start to run out, that's when online surveys start to look more tantalizing. For these former A-list celebrities, those big bucks ran out long ago. No one should be surprised if they take to the Web on a regular basis to answer questions for an allowance and some quick rewards.

1. Chris Tucker 
Your favorite character from "The Fifth Element," "Friday" and the "Rush Hour" series was a hot Hollywood commodity at one point. That's not really the case today. According to the Internet Movie Database, his last appearance was a supporting role in "Silver Linings Playbook" in 2012. Before that it was "Rush Hour 3," which released eight years ago. That's a far cry from his career high point between 2005 and 2007 when played a role in 6 different films.

In 2011, SunTrust Bank filed foreclosure papers for Tucker's $6 million Florida mansion, according to ABC News. Unfortunately, he still owed over $4 million on the home when those papers were filed.

2. Nicolas Cage
Hollywood's most bizarre man has some equally odd spending habits. That's just one big reason the "National Treasure" star tumbled down a slippery slope toward financial ruin. According to Reuters, the money trouble reached a peak when Cage filed $20 million lawsuit against his former business manager for sending him "down a path toward financial ruin."

Although, his outrageous purchases probably added some gasoline to that fire. According to Yahoo, the celebrity has bought a private island in the Bahamas, a 9-foot pyramid gravestone in New Orleans, a medieval castle in Germany, a dinosaur skull and much more.

3. Sinbad
Former comedian and '90s sitcom star Sinbad filed for bankruptcy for a second time in 2013, according to TMZ. How bad is the damage? Reportedly Sinbad was in over $11 million worth of debt when that bankruptcy was filed, yet the star only had $131,000 in assets and was making just $16,000 per month. At that rate, it would take the comedian a little over 57 years to repay everything he owes, and that's if he's giving away 100 percent of his earnings.

4. Brendan Fraser
The hero from the "Mummy" movie franchise isn't exactly broke, but his child support bills are taking him to the cleaners, according to The New Yorker. Fraser went to court in 2013 to try to reduce the $900,000 he paid in annual child support payments to his ex wife Afton Smith, saying he couldn't reasonably afford those payments in the future. 

The Huffington Post reported that Fraser claimed a number of medical issues were keeping him from starring in as many movies as he once could. According to IMDb, Fraser has played parts in 7 movies since 2013 and his most recent project is a TV mini-series called "Texas Rising," which is currently in post-production.

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