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3 ways to save money while in college

3 ways to save money while in college

We all know that college isn't cheap. According to statistics from The Scholarship Workshop, the average cost of tuition and board for an out-of-state student at a public university stands at almost $15,500, while the average cost of room and board at a private school is obviously considerably more - standing at almost $47,000 per academic year.

While many students will be entitled to some financial aid and/or scholarships, it's evident that college still isn't a walk in the park, financially speaking. Countless students will likely graduate not just with a bachelor's degree, but also an excessive amount of debt. Luckily there are a number of ways to ease the burden throughout the duration of your studies. One fantastic solution is to become a member of Opinion Outpost. This will enable you to take paid surveys online from the comfort of your dorm room, home or even the library! Payment can be received in cash, or in many cases even gift cards, for amazing online brands such as Amazon and iTunes - perfect for grabbing school supplies and updating your study playlist with the latest hit music.

In addition to taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost, it's also a good idea to take a look at the following money saving tips:

1. Drink wisely
Obviously an ideal way to save money in college is to not go out and drink at all, but for many young adults in university, that's obviously a tall order. And besides, heading to a bar or club with friends and drinking in moderation is a great way to build and strengthen social bonds. The most effective way to save money then is to look for deals and drink cheaper beverages, College Scholarships argued. Forego ordering a craft beer and opt for something more ubiquitous and domestic - think Bud Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon. If mixed drinks are more your thing, be sure to specify that you want the house liquor. Some establishments will trick you and charge you for the most expensive vodka or gin unless you request otherwise. 

2. Don't buy text books new
If you head to the campus bookstore as you soon as you receive your class reading list, then you're making a big mistake. Most school bookstores will charge the most they possibly can for new books. Instead of buying new, consider finding a service that offers secondhand books, such as Amazon. Your school's bookstore may even have it's own secondhand section. Better still, rent books if you can, Fast Web advised. It's considerably cheaper and your dorm room won't become cluttered with books you'll unlikely ever read again.

3. Bike if you can
If you find yourself in a bike-friendly city or town, consider purchasing a bike to cut down on transportation costs, UniversityParent explained. Not only will you save a lot of money on things such as insurance, gas and parking, but you'll also find yourself getting a good workout! Alternatively, if biking isn't your thing, use public transportation when and where possible.

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