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3 Summer TV Shows You Can't Miss

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For the drama hound: "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix
As the Internet television revolution continues to take hold on viewers everywhere, the new season of Jenji Kohan (former executive producer of "Weeds") juggernaut "Orange is the New Black" returned for a binge-watch-worthy second season on Netflix this month. For those who have been waiting upward of a year for the latest exploits at a minimum security women's prison in upstate New York, protagonist Piper Chapman certainly doesn't disappoint - the season is rife with betrayal, violence, new and broken friendships and the rich character back stories for which the show has become famous. Based on a memoir of the same name by activist Piper Kerman, the realistic view of the American prison system is as jarring as it is entertaining.

For the sci-fi geek: "Extant" on CBS
Slotted to premiere on July 9, "Extant" is a new, family-friendly CBS series starring Halle Berry as an American astronaut who arrives home to her family pregnant after spending a year working in outer space. The results are nothing short of incredible - now fostering an alien child, Berry's character struggles to reconnect with the world she left behind, and TV critics are already hailing the fallout as something that will "lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history." Sound high stakes enough?

For the comedy fan: "The Hotwives of Orlando" on Hulu
​This parody show, set to premiere on online television vendor Hulu on July 15, is for anyone who has ever rolled their eyes at the ridiculousness of the "Real Housewives" series that became famous on the Bravo channel. We all know the setup - wives of rich, absent husbands fight over money, drink too much wine and occasionally get into massive, TV-worthy brawls, but the fictional "Hotwives" strives to bring this craziness to the next level. Starring comedians Kristen Schaal (formerly of "30 Rock," "Flight of the Conchords" and "Bob's Burgers"), Casey Wilson, Angela Kinsey ("The Office") and Paul Scheer ("The League"), there's no doubt that this series will be nothing short of hilarious.

Time for personal enjoyment can't be overestimated into today's stressful culture, so when you make money at home online with paid surveys, don't let the chance pass you by. 

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