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3 Summer activities surveys could pay for [Video]

Opinion Outpost allows you to share your opinions to earn cash in online surveys; cash you could use on these fun summer activities.

1. CAMPING: Use the cash you earn taking surveys for the minimal fee it costs to reserve a campsite. Set up a tent and campfire in one of the many state and national parks for an average fee that is usually around $20 or $30 dollars.

2. TUBING: Winding down a river on a hot day in an oversized tube is perhaps one of the best and most underrated activities in the summer season. The whole family can enjoy fun and the cost is usually under $20 per person.

3. SEEING: Not everyone likes to spend their summer outdoors. National average cost for a movie ticket is said to be just over $8 so use your cash earnings from paid surveys to see one of the many block busters this season.

In our latest mini-poll only 39% of people said they have a budget for summer fun. If you identify with the 61% that don't account for activities when it comes to spending, or even if you do have a budget and want to increase it, join Opinion Outpost for free and start earning cash by sharing your opinion.

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