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3 reasons big businesses need you to take paid surveys

As a consumer, you have all the power. Businesses fail or rise through the ranks every day based solely on the opinions of the buyer, and at Opinion Outpost those opinions are collected and analyzed by companies to see what can be done to keep you happy and keep the doors open.

Paid surveys aren't just for some organizations trying to get ahead. They are used by hundreds, if not thousands, of companies on a regular basis out of sheer necessity. Here are three reasons why.

1. They can't find the answers anywhere else
There are dozens of places companies can find news and insights about the services they offer and the products they distribute. They could refer to industry news sources, experts or even reports published by market research companies. 

Still, those sources won't give them all the answers they're looking for. For example, if a business that sells bottled water is developing a container, how will they know what to make it look like or what color to make it or what design to put on it? There's no telling what consumers will like unless they ask them. Luckily, online product surveys allow those organizations to send the item directly to the paid survey users to ask their impressions before the items are released. 

2. They need to predict product popularity before items are released
And finding out opinions before the items are shipped to outlet stores and shops around the country is critical. In a worst-case scenario, a company may approve an item that consumers have poor experiences with or don't particularly like. That failed item could cost the business millions of dollars, perhaps even causing them to downsize or fail altogether.

Online surveys and product surveys act as a buffer to ensure that doesn't happen. Companies send out their questions and first draft products to find out what consumers like and don't like beforehand so they can make changes and ship a better product.

3. They need answers fast
Everything is a race against the clock when you're designing the next big product. Companies are constantly at war with their competition, and that means releasing the best item first is crucial. However, there aren't many ways to get enough customer feedback in an effective and timely manner other than distributing paid surveys

Telemarketers used to be able to call consumers in their homes and ask them questions about various products and services, and while that method is still used to some extent, it's not the primary method of gathering market information anymore.

Before that, marketers used to send questionnaires by mail, but this process has become inefficient, time consuming and expensive compared to online survey methods. Now, a company can create a survey, send it in an email and get some valuable answer back in no time. They might have to pay to get your opinion, but it's worth the time saved.

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