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3 must-see Amazon original dramas

Forget television. In the digital age, some of the very best new programming can actually be found online, on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. While Netflix may get a lot attention, it should be stressed that some of the very best dramas at the moment can be accessed on Amazon. In addition to streaming popular shows from other networks such as Downton Abbey, The Americans and Boardwalk Empire, Amazon Prime is also home to a number of original drama series produced by the company itself. 

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If you can't decide which programs to watch, check out the list below. Here are three of the very best Amazon original dramas:

1. Bosch
This dark and gritty detective show, based loosely on novels by acclaimed author Michael Connelly, follows LAPD detective Harry Bosch, played masterfully by veteran actor and artist Titus Welliver, the A.V. Club reported. Bosch is a troubled protagonist - the son a of a dysfunctional family and a veteran of war, he lives alone in a plush Hollywood Hills mansion and dedicates his life to his homicide detective work. Unconventional yet respectful of the rules, Bosch is one of the force's best detectives, but will his personal demons stand in the way of his success? 

The A.V. Club, along with many other publications, has praised the drama, although the site explained that the "stubbornly slow pace" may be a turn-off for some viewers. Indeed, Bosch is a perfect show if you're in the mood for a dark and nuanced slow-burner - it takes a while to get to the action but the payoff is worth it. 

2. Transparent
This critically acclaimed drama follows the life of Maura (previously Mort), a trans-woman who comes out to her family during retirement. Played to perfection by actor Jeffrey Tambor, Maura must navigate the complexities and challenges of her new life while keeping her troubled family together, Vulture detailed. Transparent is the perfect blend of comedy and drama, with moments of heartbreak beautifully juxtaposed against countless instances of humor. The show is created by the talented Jill Soloway, who previously worked on another critically praised drama, Six Feet Under.  Two seasons of Transparent are currently available to stream for Amazon Prime members.

3. The Man in the High Castle
This captivating drama reimagines a world where Nazi Germany and Japan win World War II and subsequently invade the United States, overthrowing the government and establishing an oppressive new regime. The show is based on the popular novel of the same name by novelist Phillip K. Dick and was developed for television by Frank Spotnitz of X-Files fame, who serves as a writer and executive producer, The Hollywood Reporter explained.

Reviews of the show have been primarily positive, with the Hollywood Reporter asserting that The Man in the High Castle is "a bold, intriguing, visually-impressive effort."

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