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3 budget travel trips for the paid survey user

3 budget travel trips for the paid survey user

Summer is time for some much-needed relaxation and vacationing. As the season starts coming to a close, it may be time to think about where you could take some time off.

Not every trip needs to be an expensive journey to a tropical resort or an internationally renowned city. There are dozens of budget-friendly locations you can use the rewards you earned from paid online surveys to help fund. You've been working hard earning extra money online, so why not treat yourself to something special?

Here are a few fun and cost-effective trips that could be perfect for you.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada
Believe it or not, a trip to the Las Vegas strip could be closer than you think. The Nevada city is one of the cheapest vacation destinations to visit at nearly any time of the year - save for some holiday weekend times. 

According to the Washington Post, travelers can snag a ticket for a flight between Philadelphia and Vegas for around $200. That means your flight, which will cover over 2,000 miles, will cost roughly a dime per mile traveled. Not only that, there are dozens of hotel and flight booking options that sweeten the deal. You can find rooms in dozens of locations on and off the Vegas strip that booking sites like Kayak.com list at around $24 per night.

Beware a trip to Vegas, though. The hotels and flights come cheap for a reason. Hotel casinos are itching to attract travelers to the slots and card tables, so there's a lot of potential to turn a cheap trip into an expensive one. Gamble in moderation and focus on sightseeing and catching shows, and this could be your best budget-friendly bet, however.

2. Denver, Colorado
The plane ticket might be a little more expensive than your ticket to Vegas, but you'll save some money by staying away from the shops and costly tourist attractions in Denver. The main appeal here is the hiking, which costs relatively nothing to do. Just pack your bags, fill your canteen and head out into the wilderness! 

Remember, Denver isn't the only great place for hiking either. Consider some locations nearby for the most cost-effective and easy travel experience. Your nature paradise might just be a car ride and a few dollars away.

3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The same goes for your beach scenes. While you may think an island paradise is the must-have vacation for the summer, you'd be surprised how similar a trip on the mainland can be. Fort Lauderdale is a perfect example. The beach is pristine, the city is lively and there's more than enough to do with your free time.

Fort Lauderdale is great for a very particular reason, too. According to U.S. News & World Report, it's one of the cheapest locations for summer travel because the peak time for tourist visits is around the spring and winter. That means the hotels and the flights will come at a cheaper price if you book between now and November, so get to it. 

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